Nino and his lieutenants, Eduardo, Mauro and Loris.
Each has been at Caffe Abbracci since it opened.

Our Story

For nearly three decades, Nino Pernetti and his team have been serving both old friends and new from his beloved Coral Gables restaurant. Their list of regulars reads like a who's who of Miami's movers and shakers. Over the years, they have served countless professional athletes, politicians, international heads of state, including three US presidents and county, state and federal judges, including two sitting US Supreme Court justices.

The formula is simple, treat everyone who walks in the door like a celebrity, regardless of their station in life. Serve them flawlessly-executed Italian comfort food, great wine and well-made cocktails.

Caffe Abbracci exudes warmth, from the food, to the decor, to the smiles and handshakes extended by Nino and his team.

Nino Pernetti

When he began his first job as a barista, at age 13, at a cafe in his hometown of Lake Garda, Italy, Nino Pernetti could never have imagined that his hospitality career would take him around the globe to 15 countries, overseeing hundreds of employees at each stop. Working for international hotel corporations taught him more than just the business side of serving the public. It taught him how to provide memorable experiences for guests and how to coach his employees to do the same. Along the way, he learned half a dozen languages, had some memorable experiences himself, and found that he had a natural gift for relating to people.

Opening Caffe Abbracci in 1989, in Miami, the most international of US cities, gave him the perfect platform to build a truly special restaurant. As he likes to say, "Owning Caffe Abbracci is the perfect job in the world for me."

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The Team

Caffe Abbracci has 18 employees who have been with the restaurant since it first opened in 1989. Not many restaurants in Miami can boast that kind of staff loyalty, consistency and passion.